Clear the screen while dodging the balls.

Lost your shirt playing Three-Card Monty?
Try this version.

The classic break-out game is back.
Superb graphics, power-ups and music.

A new version of the one-arm bandit.  Made  for the GM Forum.

An improved version of this popular game.
Seven levels to play.

...or black-jack.  You play three hands at once.

Flying Banjo Games is a subsidiary of  KC ProductionsTM and was founded in August 2004.

Our mission is simple:  the distribution of professional-quality games at a reasonable price.  They're free!

All the games were written in GML with original graphics rendered using POV-Ray.

If you have comments or questions about the games, suggestions for improvements, or requests for other games, please contact us.

Download any game you want, but please don't re-post them without my permission.

Last Update: 23 May 2005